We are younger than most other participants in the industry and have a slightly swifter and more technology focused approach and execution. Here a few things that separates us from other investment sales companies.

We are ADVISORS first, BROKERS second

Anybody can broker a deal, but it takes wholesome experience, integrity, expertise, access to proprietary industry knowledge and creativity to be a good advisor. We are the best.

The first US brokerage to use AI to source buyers for our listings based on deal characteristics and buyer profile’s

Use of Artificial Intelligence to match 1031 buyers to listings

Boutique approach to service with a national marketing platform

Thanks to technology, we built a national marketing platform with the reach of the largest national brokerages. Our approach remains unchanged – personalized with attention to detail.

With offices covering the most active markets in the US, we are able to procure the most aggressive buyers/capital and deploy it to deals all over the nation

Offices in the 3 most active markets in the US – Miami, NYC and Seattle

Focused.. VERY focused

While we do have the expertise to advise in all types of real estate, we cannot be everything for everybody. We are RETAIL experts, with a focus on Single Tenant Net Lease NNN investments. That is what we do and that is what we do best.

We let our industry relationships speak for our level of ethics, credibility and success.

Relationships are EVERYTHING

“Investing in real estate is like trying to make it to the Super Bowl in rush hour. Once entering the highway, you might find yourself in the fastest lane; however, a few miles down the road, it turns into the slowest. Intelligently picking right lanes to switch to at the right time, most importantly, SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY executing those choices is crucial to making it on time. We are the experienced co-pilot helping you with timing, insight, long-term visibility and successful execution to get you to the game on time.”

Niko Mićin, CCIM
Investment Analyst