Pollo Tropical

Pollo Tropical- League City, TX

  • Procured an off-market deal to 1031 exchange client
  • Assessed and quantified risk
  • Navigated an eminent domain issue that occurred 2 days before closing
  • Renegotiated terms with seller to protect client
  • Successfully reached the finish line

AGM Net Lease was contacted by a 1031 exchange client who was about to enter a contract on a STNL property that would lose 50% of value once the lease expired (not known to buyer). With only 40 days to identify, we rushed to comb through the market and called all our broker relationships. After sifting through hundreds of properties, we narrowed the list down to six candidates. Through the 3 week process, we educated the clients on the risks in STNL assets not known to the average person and finally gave them the knowledge to recognize a good investment. We procured an off-market Pollo Tropical and closed the transaction after successfully tackling an eminent domain process majority of the transaction timeline.